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Fire Damage Restoration

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The objective of Durham Restoration Pros is to restore a residential or commercial building to its former undamaged condition (i.e., to do work to be satisfied with the final product). When it is finished, the property will look good from the outside and be healthy from the inside. We also always thoroughly investigate possible smoke damage caused to the house or commercial property during the fire. It is difficult to stand idly by when your own house is on fire, but sometimes waiting is the best tactic. While it is not advisable to repair fire damage without expert help, there are some steps you can take at home. Most will tell you not to enter your property, and that is certainly true, but safety should be your first priority in any fire-damage scenario. Anyone who re-enters risks serious injury or property damage, so safety is always a priority. 

Restoration After A Fire Is Our Specialty in Durham

Here are some things to avoid: Do not use canned or packaged foods stored at the site of the fire. Do not try to clean electrical appliances or appliances damaged by fire or to wash walls, painted surfaces, carpets and upholstery without professional help. Smoke residue can leave behind very difficult stains on everything. Without a professionals assistance, you’re not going to make much progress, and the last thing you need to worry about when you’ve experienced a disaster is what to do next. Just call us, and we’ll help through the whole process.

After any kind of disaster in your home, terrible smells can remain in the affected rooms. Water damage typically leads to musty smells, fire damage leads to smoke odor, and fire and water damage to the walls and ceilings of the house can cause damage that will harm you if left untouched.

Durham Restoration Pros provides 24 / 7 removal of odors in your home during the restoration process. Even the worst smells cannot stand up to our exceptional service and we offer a wide range of restoration services, from cleaning and deodorizing to restoration of walls and ceilings.