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For over a decade, Durham Restoration Pros have been working to restore damaged residential and commercial buildings to their original condition. The Durham Restoration Pros offers a range of restoration services, from mould repair to mould removal and mould remediation. Restorers licensed by the ICRC can solve any problem in a short time and with the right tools and equipment. We offer FREE consultations, so we can get to know you and your needs. It’s important to get started as quickly as possible, especially with flood or mold damage. Call us right away if you’ve experienced a natural disaster or other residential damage.

water damage restoration smoke fire mold durham

At Durham Restoration Pros, we understand that people go through stressful and emotionally difficult times when floods and fires happen, and we want to support them in their struggle.

For this reason, we strive to provide our customers with the best possible service for their home, business and home recovery needs. We take care of everything from the control of mold to the cleaning and other services required for the reclaimation of a house or business.

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We are fully trained and certified restorers, licensed and insured and we are committed to customer service, regardless of the condition of your home or the quality of the damage.

Our team aims to exceed the expectations of the clients with whom we work and to restore their properties to their original condition and minimize damages. We understand that the need for our services in restoration can come at unexpected times, and are therefore always ready to help.

water damage restoration smoke fire mold durham

You can never predict when a disaster will occur with your property, whether it is a flood, fire or newly discovered mold, and we recommend that you keep our contact information with you. You never know when a disaster could strike in your home or business. If you have never contacted us, you can find out more about the unbeatable services and prices by chatting with one of our professionals today. A solid reputation ensures that we get the job done the first time, but if you ever find yourself in a disaster at home and / or in business, give us a call and we’ll be there for you as soon as possible.

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There are several complex systems that feed your home and ensure that everything runs smoothly, and the water supply system is one of them. Without water, you could not shower in the evening, wash the dishes after a large meal or enjoy a cup of coffee every morning. Unfortunately, these systems can sometimes fail, pipes can break, and pumps can go bad. This often means flooding, and many instances occur when the home owners aren’t home to notice for hours. To solve this problem, water extraction and drying from a trusted source is the only solution. As we all know,a burst pipe can cause immense water damage if left unnoticed in no time. 

It could be the middle of the night when a pipe or ceiling bursts, and the resulting damage will spread and worsen when you wake up in the morning. It is difficult to predict when water damage will occur, but if you are lucky enough to notice a problem, call us immediately. Whether it’s a burst pipe or a leak in a household appliance, we’re adept at coping with such ordeals in our community. We offer a wide range of services, such as water and wastewater management, water treatment and repair services. To guarantee the desired results, the most modern restoration equipment is used for water extraction. When it comes to water extraction, only the best equipment and the most advanced tools available to properly perform this task are used.